Av3ar is your “iNTELLIGENt Digital Workforce” that understands, learns, interacts and solve problems as a human would.

Av3ar uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to sense, predict, analyze and solve issues.

The next generation Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning system from Perpetuuiti, Av3ar is aimed to deliver end-to-end Interactive solutions that dramatically improve the operational efficiencies of enterprises (of all sizes) in the global marketplace.

Customer Experience Management

Discover newer and faster approaches to interact with customers and maintain consistency across all the channels of communication with Av3ar.

Process Automation

With Av3ar, you can automate and expedite a wide range of industry-specific operational and support processes.

IT and Infrastructure Support

Use Perpetuuiti’s cognitive-capable BoTs to execute regular or triggered support actions across any application, system or technology.

Human Resource Services

Transform your HR practices and processes to improve employee engagement and reduce operating costs empowering your digital HR.

Back Office Administration & Reporting

With Perpetuuiti’s cognitive-capable BoTs you can automate any structured administrative task where humans interact with technology.

Data Migration & Management

Manage migration and handling of data between internal or external systems using Perpetuuiti’s Intelligent Digital Workforce.

How is Av3ar different?

  • Av3ar has contextual comprehension
    Av3ar links concepts & optimizes customer queries.
  • Av3ar understands what you actually mean
    Av3ar does not require exact phrases or fixed content
  • Av3ar has EQ & emulates Human Intelligence
    Av3ar brings advanced Artifical Intelligence (AI) to interactive operations by engaging users in more intuitive & natural conversations through chat.
  • Av3ar is more consulting based outcome focused
    Av3ar brings advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to businesses to achieve the necessary outcomes.
  • Av3ar is foraying into Impact based models beyond traditional BPM & IT
    Av3ar is foraying into business models beyond traditional BPO & IT Services in creating impactful solutions on AI into Agritech, Healthcare IT and Education Sectors.

Av3ar Dashboard

Av3ar Interactive Chat Window

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