Continuity Vault

Perpetuuiti provides an iNTELLIGENt, end-to-end automated approach towards Business Continuity Management and Planning (BCMP) with Continuity Vault.

Continuity Vault is an iNTELLIGENt Business Continuity Management (iBCM) solution that supports the entire BCM lifecycle, as identified by global industry standards (all embedded in a BCM policy compliance workflow engine) such as:

Business Impact Analysis

Continuity Vault enables your organization to perform a routine BIA more frequently and with lesser efforts. BIA questionnaires can be performed remotely and with the ability for the participants to collaborate answers with stakeholders.

Risk Assessment

Continuity Vault enables your organization to perform Risk Assessment (RA) and analysis using results of BIA; view system-generated RTOs, Maximum Allowable Outages (MAO) and Recovery Ranking scores to identify the priority in which the organizational units need to recover.

Plan Development, Maintenance & Approval

Continuity Vault helps in efficiently and effectively building and maintaining functional recovery plans without the need of repeated trainings. Workflows-based plan development, review and approval.

Plan Exercising, Testing & Notification

Continuity Vault allows to demonstrate the operational effectiveness of the BCM plan; simulate the activation of plans and implementation of recovery procedures. Also notifies employees promptly of emergency actions to be taken as per the organization’s BC Plans.

Incident / Crisis Management

Continuity Vault allows the organization to perform crisis management and sustain critical processes using approved and verified BC plans. Also, performs crisis communications using predefined contact lists and contact profile information.

Performance Evaluation / Continual Improvement

Continuity Vault enables the organization to perform various types of reviews such as self-assessment or audits. Also, creates and tracks calendar and uses these activities to perform performance evaluation.

Continuity Vault enables your organization with:

  • Complete timeline-based visual representation of the entire process plan
  • Visual mapping of various stages and entities in Business Continuity Plan available by simply selecting the appropriate process steps
  • Performing comprehensive BIA and Risk Assessment and creating Incident Management plans and Business Continuity plans
  • Invoking Incident Management and Business Continuity plans by notifying your employees in a click of a button
  • User-friendly, fully automated and easily customizable workflows
  • Maintaining documents’ history, user access permission and privacy
  • Testing capabilities of the BC plans thus giving confidence on the working of the BCP
  • 360 Degree view of the BCP integrated with external eco-system
  • Available as SaaS or local instance-based on your requirement
  • Managing audits using Continuity Vault’s document repository and report generation capabilities

Unified Graphical and Responsive Dashboard

Business Impact Analysis

Risk Assessment

Crisis Management

Audit Management


BCM Mobile Application – Supports iOS, Android, Windows and BB OS