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“Perpetuuiti empowers people and businesses alike. We deliver the world’s most-comprehensive and urbane automation platforms making work simple and more human.” – Sudish Kumar, Chief Operating Officer (Sales Operations), Perpetuuiti in an insightful interview with Forbes India


The Perpetuuiti platforms deliver leading-edge automation solutions for modernizing resiliency management, and turbocharging the performance of your applications, IT and business operations at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies. These solutions that are simple to install and run, flexible enough to fit into any environment with complete reliability...

Perpetuuiti expands North America operations releasing 3rd Generation Enterprise Resilience & Intelligent Automation Platforms - Shawn Blevins Joins as Chief Revenue Officer

Wednesday, March 10, 20201

Perpetuuiti, global leader in disaster recovery and robotic process automation today announced expanded investments in North America with direct availability of their breakthrough Resilience Automation and Intelligent Automation platforms (IT Autonomics and Intelligent OCR & RPA), recognized by Gartner peer reviews with the highest ratings for IT Resilience Automation. Adding Shawn Blevins as Chief Revenue Officer for North America, formerly an executive from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Booz Allen Hamilton, Perpetuuiti is now available directly as well as from key consulting partners.

Perpetuuiti Secures New Funding from Existing Investor, Intel Capital to accelerate execution of Av3ar™ its Autonomous RPA and AI Ops platform product roadmap

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The additional capital will help Perpetuuiti accelerate its vision to empower customers to intelligently automate end-to-end business and IT processes – bridging the gap between the front and back office with an AI-powered intelligent enterprise automation platform. The capital will advance the company’s focus on improving human-to-bot collaboration through attended automation, resulting in enhanced customer experiences and increased employee productivity.

Analytics Insight magazine features an article, “Enabling Digital Transformation through an Intelligent Enterprise Automation Platform, Av3ar” by Prashant Kakade, Co-founder and Director of Global Delivery, Perpetuuiti

Friday, July 03, 2020

This article has been published under “The 40 Under 40 Innovators Issue” of the magazine which recognizes executives who have been innovating processes/business models by engaging in more forward-looking ways of thinking and redesigning solutions to disrupt businesses globally. Through this article, Prashant Kakade, Co-founder and Director of Global Delivery, Perpetuuiti shares an insight on how Artificially Intelligent software bots are changing the way people, processes and technology interact for productivity gains. He says, “In this environment, digital workforce from Av3ar™ is arguably more important than ever in driving organizational adaptation and resilience, strengthening Perpetuuiti’s role as a strategic technology partner to its customers”.

Perpetuuiti recognized as “Dream Company To Work For” 2019

Saturday, Febuary 16, 2019

Perpetuuiti has been ranked ‘49th’out of 450+ companies participated in the “Dream Companies To Work For’ along with another award for ‘Organization with Innovative HR Practices”. These awards reflect our vision of building a high-trust organization by investing in our people and implementing innovative HR practices that enable competency, development and promote individual aspirations and growth. We want to thank our employees, who have been our greatest strength and without their dedication and commitment, this honor would not have been possible. A special note of appreciation for our HR team who have been instrumental to achieving this milestone. This award was presented by ET Now at the 27th Edition of World HRD Congress event held on February 16th, 2019 in Mumbai. Winners were decided by the panel of eminent leaders from the Industry.

Perpetuuiti Head- HR & Admin Jasmine Framjee awarded with ‘Young HR Leader of the Year’

Saturday, Febuary 16, 2019

This award is a benchmark to recognize the most eminent HR professionals for their superlative achievements in the field of Human Resource Development. This award was presented by ET Now at the 27th Edition of World HRD Congress event held on February 16th, 2019 in Mumbai. Winners were decided by the panel of eminent leaders from the Industry.

Perpetuuiti Wins Coveted CIO Choice 2019 Honor And Recognition For Its Innovative Business Service Continuity And Availability Management Solution

Friday, January 11, 2019

Perpetuuiti has been awarded with the CIO Choice 2019 Honor and Recognition for its ‘Business Service Continuity and Availability Management’ solution delivered through its flagship product, Continuity Patrol™. Organized by the Centre of Recognition & Excellence, the CIO Choice 2019 Honor and Recognition is an acknowledged platform amongst the CIO communities where the winners were decided by an advisory panel of imminent CIOs and an independent survey from across the country.

Silicon Review has recognized Perpetuuiti among “Fastest 30 Asia Companies 2018”

Friday, November 30, 2018

In today’s generation, it is tough to focus on business due to less innovation. This is where Perpetuuiti made its mark by enabling Digital Transformation for companies by building futuristic software products that help transform the way business operate. It is leading Enterprise Software products company with innovative solutions built in accordance with global benchmarks transforming the way businesses operate in the digital age.

“Digital Transformation – Barriers to Becoming a Digital Business” – A contributory article shared by Rohil, CEO, Perpetuuiti with CIO Review magazine.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Business leaders aiming to establish a digital culture should start small. “Digital enterprise demands different skills, working practices, organizational models and even cultures”. It is relatively easy for the boardroom to move digital transformation up its agenda, but actually delivering it is another matter. To change an organization designed for a structured, process-oriented world to one designed for adaptation, learning and experimentation is very difficult. Some organizations will navigate that change, and others that can't change will become outdated and be replaced.

Insights Success magazine has recognized our CEO, Rohil among “The 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of 2016”


Possessing a unique combination of proven business knowledge, forward-looking technical knowledge and market vision, Rohil, Founder & CEO of Perpetuuiti has become a thought leader in the technology world by enabling leaner Digital Management to Organizations.

Insight Success magazine has recognized Perpetuuiti among “The 10 Most Valuable Cloud Service Provider Companies OF 2016”


Cloud computing is the hottest and biggest trend in IT for the past few years, and it will also continue to grow stronger in the upcoming years. Since most of the online businesses today need high accessibility, scalability, and resiliency, within quick time, it’s not possible to achieve all these by your own, and cloud computing becomes the best alternative solution here. Perpetuuiti Technosoft (P) Ltd., a cloud service provider has helped several firms to remain focused on their business, without worrying about IT and infrastructure too much; this has yielded a big result for them.

Siliconindia has recognized Perpetuuiti among the “Top 5 Disaster Recovery companies in India-2016”


Computers have penetrated deep into our lives, both in commercial sector and also domestic. A major reason behind this phenomenon is since they are very simple to record and store data. Today, almost every business uses computers in its organization and is highly dependent on it. As a matter of fact, computers have become prerequisite in any industry. While they help store data in a very compact size, it also has a disadvantage; losing of the data. Data destruction can be caused by several reasons, despite of even taking upmost care, sometimes.

Perpetuuiti Wins India Emerging 20 (IE20) 2016 Award Following PM Modi’s UK Visit


After receiving the award, Rohil, CEO at Perpetuuiti commented, “IE20 was the most exciting competition for Perpetuuiti and we are thrilled to receive this huge recognition. This unique opportunity has allowed us to represent Perpetuuition the international stage and develop our global potential. It is really an honour for Perpetuuiti to be positioned amongst India’s top 20 emerging businesses and will lay the foundation for our success in the international market.” “We are also thankful to Mr. Modi as the initiatives taken by him led to IE20 and gave a great platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs like us,” He added.

Perpetuuiti Appoints Abhay Bagde as India Sales Head


Bagde is a high-tech industry veteran with more than 17 years' experience has been part of Perpetuuiti's sales team for 4 years and previously held the position of VP - Sales and Strategic Products. After the promotion, he will lead Perpetuuiti's sales team in India and will be responsible for driving sales operations, strategies and training. He will also oversee expansion of the company's business through strategic alliances and partnerships.

Perpetuuiti: Fostering iNTELLIGENt Automation to Trigger Business Growth


AI and IoT are inseparable. But as the current approaches don’t scale to IoT volumes, the future realization of IoT’s promise is dependent on Machine Learning (ML) and AI to find the patterns, correlations and anomalies that have the potential of enabling improvements in almost every facet of our daily lives.

The BoTs Revolution – Rohil, CEO, Perpetuuiti in an interview with The Telegraph


It is this aspect of accelerating efficiency which is attracting the information technology industry. Indeed, everybody - from top IT players such as Wipro to new software companies like Perpetuuiti - is integrating AI technology in their business. Exclaims Rohil, founder & CEO, Perpetuuiti. "AI is the future."

Perpetuuiti Wins CIO CHOICE 2016 Honor & Recognition For Its Innovative “Virtual Workforce Solution”


The ‘Virtual Workforce Solutions’ category recognizes the preferred provider of solutions that have the capability of applying specific technologies to easily and rapidly automate the standardized, day-to-day IT workload related jobs to enable simpler and automated Business Processes.

“We are the Strongest Player in Government Sector and are Making Efforts to Provide Automated Services” – Ashis Guha, Senior Vice President Sales (APAC & ME) in an interview with BIS Infotech


Perpetuuiti multilingual product versions are not anymore unmapped. To foster Innovation and an endeavor to automate end-to-end IT solutions – the company is addressing the pain points of CIOs and IT managers across multiple verticals. The company is to look for as its forte matches ‘Innovation for Tomorrow’.

Perpetuuiti wins the IBM SmartCamp 2015 Pune edition


IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) has announced the winners for its SmartCamp Pune edition, which took place last week, and we’re happy to share that Perpetuuiti wins the IBM SmartCamp 2015 Pune edition. The startups were judged by Srikanth Sundarajan, Partner at Helion ventures; Dulles Krishnan, Executive Director-Asia Pacific at IBM Smart Commerce; Aruna Schwartz, Founder of Stelae Technologies and Anoop Mathur, Founder of CIO Angel Network.

Perpetuuiti's Local Touch to Global IT Needs


Even though IT companies are increasingly going global, many of them are realizing that ignoring the local flavor can lead to missed business opportunity. Despite smashing down geographical barriers with technology, the universal message does not necessarily resonate well with customers and partners across culture and language.

Perpetuuiti launches Av3ar, the AI Platform


Video interview of Rohil with the Editor of ChannelWorld.

Perpetuuiti goes multilingual, announces products in 10 foreign languages


Perpetuuiti's products, along with their collaterals, have now been translated into local foreign languages to address the needs of key global markets. The translated products will be able to address the specific pain points and local issues of organizations that are perhaps not as comfortable using an English interface.