Dependency Discovery Engine (DDE)

With Perpetuuiti’s DDE, you can get a holistic view of your dynamic and complex IT infrastructure, and easily drill down and map IT relationships effortlessly!

Real-time visualization and automated application discovery of IT environment

Visualizes application interdependencies and drills down IT relationships towards a faster decision making

Real-time impact analysis reduces the Mean Time to Recovery (MTR) during IT failures

Real-time agentless/ script-less approach towards auto-discovery of applications & associated IT infrastructure

Expedites application troubleshooting by highlighting associated components

Creates, integrates, monitors and updates new or existing CMDBs

Perpetuuiti’s DDE enables your organization to:

  • Real-time view of any disruption and its cascading effect on business services
  • Optimize/ align datacenter costs with business priorities
  • Pictorial representation of ‘What to Migrate’ from the standpoint of business services
  • Reduce risk of failed changes
  • Increase IT agility and business alignment
  • Bridge the business and IT gap
  • Prevent outages when moving datacenter assets

Automatically discovers and maps application dependencies

Sample dependency diagram

A mouse-over on the specific host will display information about the services running on it

User can tag the dependencies manually

An application host can be tagged by mentioning Name, Description and Criticality Level

User can also edit and mark/ unmark discovered dependencies manually