iBoT Store from Perpetuuiti’s Av3ar Platform

Hire reusable task iBoTs to automate a wide array of your business processes with just a few keystrokes.

Perpetuuiti’s iBoT Store accelerates your robotic process automation initiatives by offering pre-built automations and plug-and-play integrations. iBoT Store makes it easy for you to select, buy and reuse prebuilt smart automation from experts in the RPA. IPA and API development.

Complex business processes can be automated in days. Select iBoTs for the processes you want to automate, configure them for your environment, and integrate them into your business process.

Choose a Smart OOTB iBoT for Your Business Process

Information Technology


Extracts, digitizes and analyses any data format.

Application: Av3ar iRPA


Supply Chain iBoT

Performs tasks like inventory management, sales audit, order booking, shipment tracking, vendor management and so on.

Applications: Common manufacturing applications

Finance & Accounting

Sales iBoT

Creates/ Changes the sales orders and updates the output excel sheet with the final status.

Application: SAP

Finance & Accounting

Accounting iBoT

Performs like a human accountant – information extraction, data reconciliation, invoicing and billing.

Application: SAP

Finance & Accounting

Data Clearance iBoT

Processes the clear customer data/download open or clear item in SAP.

Application: SAP

Finance & Accounting

Data Entry iBoT

Efficiently automates data entry tasks with zero errors.

Application: SAP

Information Technology

ID Management iBoT

Performs tasks such as creation, mapping, activation, deletion and password resets of application user.

Application: Av3ar iRPA

Human Resources

Office 365 iBoT

Seamlessly manages various account related activities like deleting/blocking/password resetting/removing.

Application: Office365

Finance & Accounting

Account Payable iBoT

Digitizes invoices and accounts payable; performs reconciliations applying business rules.

Application: Common F&A applications

Information Technology

Windows iBoT

Performs various Windows related tasks like start and stop the Windows services; copy/move/rename/delete the files and folders; etc.

Application: Microsoft


Healthcare iBoT

Performs tasks like drug inventory management, patient’s history tracking, etc. Simplifies regulatory compliance.

Application: Common manufacturing applications

Human Resources


End-to-end automation of employee on-boarding and off-boarding tasks.

Application: EHRMS

Sales & Support


Creates/changes/gets job information; creates/closes the case; downloads the cases’ list and updates the final status.

Application: Salesforce

Sales & Support

Sugar CRM iBoT

Performs various activities related to CRM such as creating and managing contacts/campaign/user accounts/other tasks.

Application: SugarCRM

Save Time. Save Cost. Save Efforts.

Make your RPA initiatives more efficient, up to 70% faster and cost-effective

iBoT Store helps organizations recognize up to a 50% reduction in RPA TCO (development, maintenance, and risk costs)

Improve RoI and reuse ready-to-go (OOTB) smart iBoTs and RPA commands

Pre-built automations and plug-and-play integrations

Fully supported and easy-to-customize iBoTs

Non-intrusive deployments