iNTELLIGENt Recovery as a Service (iRaaS)

Enterprise-class iNTELLIGENt Recovery solution for organizations of all sizes.

When disaster strikes, it can hinder productivity & cause downtime that can cripple the organization. Financial losses due to IT Failures total to about $6.2 trillion worldwide. On an average businesses lose about $5000 per minute due to an outage.

iRaaS comes to your organization’s rescue in such situations providing an enterprise-class iNTELLIGENt recovery solution with High Availability, Reliability, Flexibility and Affordable Costs to protect your critical data and maximizing your ROI within short span of time.

Build Disaster Recovery your way with iRaaS to meet your organization’s needs:

Enterprise Class Service

Designed from the ground up to be iNTELLIGENt, secure, available and flexible.

End-to-End Service Levels

Our strict SLAs ensure your critical data and IT services are restored within minutes.

Quarterly Service Reviews

Regular DR drills’ testing, ensuring the DR readiness is always in top form.


Triple DES Security ensures your information is in safe hands.

Service Assurance

We schedule two DR tests per year, to comply with regulatory requirements and ensures your IT services remain ready.

Affordable Cost

Perpetuuiti iRaaS is available on a flexible monthly cost model on a pay-as-you-go basis that saves 60% of your IT costs.

Total Coverage

24x7 Service Desk - giving you access to our award winning technical team.

True Flexibility

Scale up/down to match your IT budgets.

Total Compliance

100% compliant with stated regulatory requirements

iRaaS enables your business with the following:

  • Monitoring the configured servers from the perspective of RPO, RTO, availability and DB & App Services
  • Day-to-day DR orchestration requirements, if any
  • Automated DR drills, based on requirement (subject to recurrence)
  • Automated Failover
  • Alerts in real-time & Reports