Manufacturing + Intelligent Automation = Intelligent Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is the latest iteration of technological advancements in the manufacturing industry. IoT and smart factories are beginning to gain traction on a worldwide basis. The companies are beginning to deploy VR and 3D printing to improve product quality, avoid errors and drive efficiency. Manufacturers already implement physical industry robots to assemble, test, and package their products. Despite these robots being able to help streamline the assembly line, the manufacturing industry still struggles to maintain control over managing its back-office and operational processes. Manufacturers must juggle labor and time-intensive processes such as customer communication, procurement, inventory management and payment processing. At the same time, they have to maintain cost reduction and innovative business practices.

In order to overcome these pain points, many manufacturing companies are turning to intelligent automation to attain improved agility and more streamlined operations across the value chain, resulting in cost savings across various touch points

Unfold the benefits of intelligent automation in manufacturing operations

Eliminate human error and increase compliance in business processes from HR to IT.

Deploy a Digital Workforce for faster process execution and fastest time to market.

iRPA enables manufacturers to eliminate process and workflow waste across the enterprise.

iRPA works seamlessly across systems and can process loT data and analyze information instantly.

Apply RPA+AI to build resilient supply chain processes like onboarding new vendors.

Upgrade post-sale customer experience with intelligent BoTs who can help improve support processes and anticipate customer needs.


What is driving today’s manufacturers?

Automation candidates for manufacturing

ERP Processes

Improve efficiency by applying RPA iBoTs to handle creating and disseminating reports, process invoices and check payment status against SLAs, and monitor and manage

Purchase Order Processing

Automate invoice processing for all vendors and eliminate errors and delays. RPA can extract invoice data in any format, request approvals, monitor payment status, and update systems.

Inventory Management

With RPA, real-time level of the inventory can be tracked. iBots can predict the ups and down in the demand from the past data and can help in getting prepared for the change in market demand.

Transportation Management

Monitor all logistics with RPA BoTs to reduce human error and track all transportation costs and outcomes across carriers.

Reporting & Administration

Get timely data and visibility across production and business systems with bot-generated reports.

Regulatory Compliance

Automating with RPA helps simplify compliance efforts through error-free processing and audit-ready reporting, and instantly applied changes when new regulations arise.

Simplify Bill of Materials

Eliminate errors with intelligent automation to manage BoM systems, send automatic change alerts and notifications.

Customer/ Vendor Support

Leverage attended iBoTs that work together with your support team. iBoTs handle the data and systems so your teams can focus on service level and customer/vendor relationships.

Integrated Systems

iRPA can read and write data in any system without actually integrating making it possible for incompatible systems to integrate each other. This helps in reporting and dashboard for decision making.

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