Redefine and modernize your approach to end-to-end business resiliency with Perpetuuiti Resiliency Automation Platform

The Perpetuuiti Resiliency Automation Platform brings together recovery, data protection, business continuity and data migration/replication into a single, unified and the mostcomprehensive resiliency automation platformacross on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

The Resiliency Automation Platform from Perpetuuiti is one simple, agile platform thatsaves you time, resources and costs while making it easier and faster to manage and automate resiliency at scale with minimal touch. The Perpetuuitisoftware-only Resiliency Automation Platform requires no appliances or agents. It frees you from vendor lock-in and can run on any hardware, storage, cloud, and network.

iResilency Automation

Continuity Patrol

Agentless, script-less and fully automated Intelligent Service Availability Management (iSAM) Suite that delivers uptime and resiliency with lightning-fast, one-click recovery.

Perpetuuiti Resiliency Automation Platform offers true infrastructure flexibility

Choose the only multi-cloud platform that supports physical, virtual or cloud-based infrastructures and offers a choice of popular data-mover technologies.
Broad Infrastructure Flexibility
For complete business resilience to the cloud of your choice. The platform supports private, hybrid-cloud, and public clouds.
Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Agility
Unlock recovery, data protection, business continuity and data migration/replication to, from, and between the clouds. Simply add new cloud providers as your cloud strategy evolves.
Tailor-Made for The Cloud
The platform leverages native cloud services for resource management, auto-scaling, and cost-effective storage.

The Resiliency Automation Platform from Perpetuuiti offers comprehensive capabilities positively impacting both, IT productivity and the customer experience – This is how this platform works…

Automated Recovery

Automates recovery and delivers industry-best recovery times for all-possible scenarios including small disruptions, large disasters, hardware failures, outages, and more.

Live Business Impact Analysis

Uniquely enables “Live Business Impact Analysis” functionality to calculate quantitative financial impacts that can be specific to a single production application, a set of production applications or the entire data center.

Fastest RTOs and RPOs

Delivers the fastest RTOs and RPOs to easily recover entire sites and applications in a very short time in any chosen infrastructure.

Continuous Backup

Recover with data resilience - without the data loss, downtime, or production impact that are inherent with traditional backup solutions.

Automated Simulation

Automated simulations move your organization past expensive DR testing to automated rehearsals. These simulations can be performed across your entire data center, individual applications or virtual machines without impacting service levels or production uptime.

Automated Business Resilience

It is the only multi-cloud platform that recovers applications across different hypervisors, operating systems, storage arrays and cloud providers. Eliminates the need to purchase multiple solutions by supporting any workload on physical and virtual infrastructure, providing single-click resilience across all applications.

Business Continuity Planning

Allows organizations to effectively command, control and co-ordinate all of their business continuity capabilities. Hence complete life cycle of Business Continuity can be managed using the platform irrespective of which stage of implementation you are in.

Auto-Discovery of Application IT Infrastructure

Auto discovers the entire application infrastructure involved within the data center. Also helps in updating the CMDB with the relative information of the discovered components including Server, Storage and Network Device, and represent the same diagrammatically.

Auto-Discovery of Application Interdependency Mapping

Auto discovers the application interdependencies in real-time. Provides real-time values in identifying the sequence in which the applications interact with each other and gives complete view of inbound/ outbound interdependencies among different applications.

Any to Any Replication & Migration

Supports migration and replication among any Virtual, Physical and Cloud Platforms. Highly utilized servers such as email servers, database servers are migrated seamlessly using eBDR NeutralStore™ technology with near zero down time.

Recovery as-a-Service

Replicating and Recovering your mission-critical data to either a third party data center or to your own secondary data center. iRaaS comes with defined SLAs as per the package covering Physical, Virtual or Hybrid IT environment to ensure your IT services are back up and running according to the stipulated RTO, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Centralized Management & Integrity Visibility

Delivers simplicity and ease of use with a unified management console spanning on-premises and cloud environments. Centralized management has been proven to increase staff productivity and begin to break down silos within organizations.

Move beyond backup and recovery – Experience a unified platform designed for modern business resiliency management

  • Architecture that supports agile business requirements
  • A unified platform for Cyber, IT and Business resilience assurance
  • Built with a modern UI that provides a single pane of glass for resilience overview and insights
  • Helps prevent downtime, data loss and cyber risks in all environments
  • Real-time and historical business reporting designed to keep teams informed on the resilience state of the business and validates ROI

Perpetuuiti Resiliency Automation Platform in action

Highly acclaimed Resiliency Automation Platform by
independent research leaders

ITRO Vendor
in Gartner’s Market Guide for IT Resilience Orchestration
Product Awardee
for BCMP by Business Continuity Institute, UK
CIO’s Preferred Resiliency Partner
by independent panel of leading CIOs and eminent industry leaders

Experience Perpetuuiti Resiliency Automation Platform the way you like

Resilience Redefined™

Perpetuuiti empowers people and businesses alike. We deliver the world’s most-comprehensive and urbane automation platforms making work more human. Our platforms deliver leading-edge automation solutions for modernizing resiliency management, and turbocharging the performance of your applications, IT and business operations at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies.