Unfold the benefits of intelligent automation for banking and financial operations

Get real-time access to customer information,
accelerate customer request resolution, and identify
additional product/service needs.

Simplify and automate manual processes, eliminate
processing errors, and reduce operational risk.

Improve customer service by providing real-time
access to customer data and accelerate requests’

Improve process productivity by intelligently
automating repetitive processes.

Realize immediate RoI by deploying intelligent
automation in less than 3 months.

Put automation in the hands of your bank’s advisers,
in customer-facing functions.

Improve productivity and reduce manpower costs by
automating manual and data-intensive processes.

Improve KYC/AML analysis, automate ongoing
transaction monitoring, and track regulatory


Learn how intelligent automation drives
process efficiency at scale for a leading bank

Leading Bank achieves 100% eradication of GL reconciliation errors

We helped a leading private sector bank intelligently automate their general ledger (GL)monitoring and reconciliation process to significantly improve their CMS profitability and efficiency through Perpetuuiti’s Intelligent Automation Platform.

iBoTs from the Perpetuuiti iAutomation Platform improved our client’s CMS profitability by massively improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of GL monitoring and reconciliation process - by identifying cash balance mismatches in GLs at the BoD rather than current practice of EoD and take corrective actions in the current business day. Through this intelligent automation the bank was able to gainfully deploy the cash balance and earn net interest margin rather than losing interest money by virtue of not deploying the cash balance.

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Leading banking and financial institutions trust Perpetuuiti to drive digital transformation

Seamless Customer Onboarding

Automate new account setup activities and streamline data collection from internal and external systems for Customer Due Diligence, and Onboarding.

Loan Origination Automation

Apply intelligent automation to extract and index documents, order third-party reports (credit, appraisal, title, flood certification), validate loan data, and streamline loan underwriting.

Easy Account Opening

With the help of iOCR, system can read the information from documents and complete the process within seconds.

Enhanced Process Efficiency

Our iBoTs works 24/7 with fewer FTEs increasing the efficiency of the process

KYC/AML Compliance

Our AI-infused iBoTs ensure compliance with KYC and AML regulations, and develop an accurate client risk profile, support fraud identification, and conduct ongoing account monitoring.

Immaculate Customer Service

Intelligent automation enables CSRs to access and aggregate data across multiple systems, handle change requests, cross-sell financial products, and interact with underwriters/supervisors in real time.

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