Oversee the collaborative work of your digital and human workforce from a single location with iOrchestration from Perpetuuiti iAutomation Platform

Perpetuuiti iOrchestration solution is the heart of your automation management. It is a web-based orchestrator that lets you configure, deploy, schedule, monitor, measure, and manage your digital workforce from anywhere, securely. So now you can oversee and manage the collaborative work of your digital workforce and human workforce from a single location in your browser—or your mobile device – and achieve efficiency and business agility.

The automation dashboard lets you manage your BoTs as you would any group of human employees, with full visibility. Assign tasks, monitor task status and manage BoT performance that help you optimize your digital workforce’s performance.

Get iOrchestration your way with consistent user experience in any deployment mode

Maximize your BoT activity, utility, and productivity with the intelligent feature set from iOrchestration

The ability to manage and control your digital workforce is no less critical than managing your human workforce. As your digital workforce grows, you’ll want to maximize its productivity. Our intuitive and interactive orchestration solution makes it simple and effortless for anyone in your organization to deploy, manage and scale up BoTs.

Bot Grouping

Group your BoTs by task types, business units, or other criteria to manage your digital workforce more efficiently. Instead of assigning a task to a specific BoT, you can assign it to a group of BoTs.

Efficient Task Assignment

Whenever a task is added to the queue (via the scheduler, triggers, or external API calls) the first available robot will be assigned execute it.

Real-Time Monitoring

See the live status of your automation tasks and digital workforce so you can ensure your automation solution is operating seamlessly.

Complete Audit Trail

iOrchestration tracks and logs everything every BoT does, along with everything people do with BoTs, so you can keep compliant and secure. 

Ease of Integration and Deployment

iOrchestration lets you integrate with software and third-party products, and gives you deployment options that suit your business needs.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Flexible architecture enables enterprises or SMEs to host their automation solution in the cloud and create fully-separate, secure environments for BoTs serving different divisions, teams, and customers. 

Enjoy sustainable, multi-fold business value with continual improvements, predictability, and compatibility

Reduced TCO

Lower TCO through enterprise-scale deployment and management that easily integrates with your existing systems.

Optimal Bot Utilization

Long-running workflows let unattended BoTs move on to another important job while waiting for an input from human counterpart.

Never Miss a Business Deadline

Transaction queues with predictive SLAs help BoTs meet your business deadlines.

High on Compliance and Security

Enables centralized monitoring, analysis, and audit on a secure platform.

Simpler Management

Pluggable integration with core enterprise directory and credential systems including AD, CyberArk, etc. makes management simpler.

Easy Provisioning and De-provisioning

Deploy attended and unattended BoTs, and automations easily by adding users to AD - with de-provisioning when the user is no longer in the group.

Better Hardware Utilization

Unattended BoTs that support running multiple simultaneous UI-less processes in one Windows session, for better hardware utilization.

Rich Automation Analytics

Add iInsights to access rich automation analytics and RoI insights over time. Easy integrations with leading BI tools including Power BI, Tableau, etc.

Compact UI

The iOrchestration user interface is more compact, contextual, and intuitive. Get everything done faster—and give your fingers a break.

Experience Perpetuuiti iOrchestration the way you like

Resilience Redefined™

Perpetuuiti empowers people and businesses alike. We deliver the world’s most-comprehensive and urbane automation platforms making work more human. Our platforms deliver leading-edge automation solutions for modernizing resiliency management, and turbocharging the performance of your applications, IT and business operations at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies.