Get the actionable insights you need for seamless and continuous automation with iInsight from Perpetuuiti iAutomation Platform

Perpetuuiti iInsight delivers embedded advanced analytics to enable a comprehensive overview of your most important business and technical KPIs across processes, BoTs, people, and business levels. It tracks, measures, and forecasts the performance of your entire automation program.

Take you automation journey to the next level with intelligent and actionable real-time insights generated with Perpetuuiti iInsight. The most advanced automation analytics reveal what’ s meaningful and predict what’ s next – helping enterprises take informed and timely decisions.

Start analysing with iInsight so you can start scaling and refining…

Measure what Matters

Get a detailed view of a single automation to the bigger picture.

One-Click Drilldowns to Act Better

Clear, user-friendly dashboards with one-click drilldowns to enable a deeper understanding of your automations.

Report Outcomes Efficiently

Exportable reports can be shared quickly and easily with key stakeholders and process owners to drive strategic decisions.

Forecast to Maximize your Automation Potential

Utilize historical data to forecast future operational states. Forecast BoT utilization to ensure maximum value of your current deployment.

Calculate Automation's Impact on your RoI

Customize the way you want to calculate and align your automation goals to the business needs. Track time and costs saved by each of your automation initiatives.

Alerts and Notifications

Create alerts for goals and thresholds, and setup notifications for critical events and major milestones.

How does iInsight work to help your business scale to the next level, at pace?


You can easily launch from iOrchestrator, with a library of customizable dashboards.


Track and gauge the performance of each of your automations - detailed view of each automation to the big picture of the entire program and its RoI.


Easily align and report the business impact of your automation initiatives, guiding future improvements and investments

Experience Perpetuuiti iInsight the way you like

Resilience Redefined™

Perpetuuiti empowers people and businesses alike. We deliver the world’s most-comprehensive and urbane automation platforms making work more human. Our platforms deliver leading-edge automation solutions for modernizing resiliency management, and turbocharging the performance of your applications, IT and business operations at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies.