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Perpetuuiti iBoT Store accelerates your robotic process automation initiatives by offering pre-built automations and plug-and-play integrations. iBoT Store makes it easy for you to select, buy and reuse prebuilt smart automation from experts in the RPA. IPA and API development. Complex business processes can be automated in days. Select iBoTs for the processes you want to automate, configure them for your environment, and integrate them into your business process.

Pre-built solutions are specialized and developed to quickly automate the most time-consuming processes within specific industry domains. Perpetuuiti iBoTs are pre-trained on a vast array of documents and data. As a result, companies can additionally train the iBoTs on their custom data and deploy hyper automation solutions to production environments within just 10 weeks, or less.

Save time. Save money. Save efforts - buy and deploy pre-built automation

Fast-track your automation journey with Perpetuuiti’s iBoT Store, offering the smartest iBoTs for a wide array of business processes. Choose from an incredible selection of pre-built intelligent automation solutions ranging from small utilities to full-fledged library of ready actions.

Make your RPA initiatives more efficient, up to 0% faster and cost-effective
Improve RoI and reuse ready-to-go
OOTB smart iBoTs and RPA
Recognize up to a 0% reduction
in RPA TCO development,
maintenance, and risk costs
Fully supported and easy-to-
customize iBoTs
Pre-built automations and plug-
and-play integrations
Non-intrusive deployments

Four simple steps to start your hyper-automation journey

Regardless of the specific use case, iBoT Store iBoTs enable developers of all types to implement, use, and reuse extended functionality to build advanced iBoTs quickly and easily. You can get started with a four-step process:

Download & Install the iBoT in your environment

Configure the server and iBoT details

Map the workflow to the job

Trigger the job

That’s it - Now the iBoT is ready to get going

Start with these 6 most downloaded pre-built automations – top use cases

With hundreds of iBoTs available, iBoT Store helps you automate almost any business process or business function across the enterprise at scale and at pace. Here are the top six most downloaded iBoTs from the Perpetuuiti iBoT Store.



Put Excel tasks on autopilot and perform fewer manual inputs. The impressive MetaiBoTs library covers a wide variety of Excel tasks to facilitate human excellence.



This iBoT quickly delivers a string of attributes found inside images using the Microsoft Computer Vision API and ML algorithms.



Use this iBoT to easily get values and formulas from cells, columns, rows, and much more in your Google Sheets



This iBoT can quickly sort emails, create appointments, read emails, send emails, store emails, and reduce the monotony of having to deal with hundreds of emails.



Use this intelligent BoT to perform tasks such as creation, mapping, activation, deletion and password resets of application user.



This iBoT can seamlessly and accurately perform various Accounts Payable tasks such as digitizing invoices and accounts payable; performing reconciliations applying business rules.

Featured iBoTs - choose a smart OOTB iBoT for your business process

Perpetuuiti iBoT Store has many ready to use automations which can be used in the RPA projects ranging from small utilities to full-fledged library of ready actions for automating a department. We constantly keep adding more and more pre-built iBoTs to the Perpetuuiti iBoT Store.

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