Introducing iRPA-as-a-Service for scale and pace in your automation initiatives

Perpetuuiti’s iRPA as a Service is a matured, complete SaaS solution with true multi-tenant and scalable architecture. iRPA as a Service model enables secure and scalable automation at a very affordable cost.


Open any web browser, log in, and automate. Intuitive experience optimized for every user-type.


iBoTs respond to unforeseen workload spikes without an outage. Scale to thousands of iBoTs in just a few clicks with flexible deployments.


Easily automate end-to-end complex business processes using built-in AI capability to learn and optimize tasks.

No more avoiding automation, just pay for what you use

Flexible Pay As You Go Pricing
Faster Time to Market
Infinite Scalability
Quick ROI Realization
Deploy with minimal IT
Enhanced Security

Super-flexible deployment options for added performance and scale


Enterprise-grade privacy, security, governance and control, architected for performance and scale


Zero-footprint, instantly-available and infinitely scalable cloud-native model, designed for easy adoption

Why choose Perpetuuiti iRPA?


Easily automate end-to-end complex business processes using built-in AI capability to learn and optimize tasks.

Integrated ML

Streamline your document-centric processes with drag-and-drop iOCR integration.

iBoT Store

Pre-built, plug-and-play automations reduce time and efforts to deploy new automated processes significantly.

Low-Code Design

Drag-and-drop and smart recording capabilities make it easier for to build automations. at the same time, it supports scripting in different languages to build complex business logic making it easy to adopt RPA-solution enterprise wide.

On-demand to take care of spikes

Time-intensive processes like order processing or regulatory reporting are difficult to handle due to spikes in demand. For such processes, we have introduced pay-per-use-iBoTs.

Multi-Threaded iBoTs

Single iBoT can be used to automate multiple processes simultaneously which increase pace drastically and brings down TCO due to reduction in requirement of number of iBoT.

iRPA-as-a-Service is for all users

Business Users

Instantly start automating from your web browser with zero-coding automation solutions


Build advanced automation using your own code, and with pluggable API integration

IT Users

Deploy, manage, and scale iRPA on demand from a web-based control room.

Get Started Immediately, With no commitment

Resilience Redefined™

Perpetuuiti empowers people and businesses alike. We deliver the world’s most-comprehensive and urbane automation platforms making work more human. Our platforms deliver leading-edge automation solutions for modernizing resiliency management, and turbocharging the performance of your applications, IT and business operations at speed and scale to drive exponential efficiencies.