From your own idea to your own BoTs with iStudio from Perpetuuiti iAutomation Platform

Perpetuuiti iAutomation Platform is designed with the business user in mind. The Perpetuuiti iStudio is a powerful, user-friendly automation-building tool that lets you develop and edit automation workflows within hours.

iStudio is an advanced automation software that gives everyone, from business users to advanced RPA developers to advanced process experts, the perfect automation canvas to build great software BoTs—and organizations the right governance tools to manage them all.

iStudio is a smart combination of two automation approaches: the visual approach using process recording, and the automation controls approach using advanced commands. So, if you are a business user, advanced RPA developer, or a process expert – iStudio makes it easy to drag and drop activities, record actions, and edit processes – without programming skills and with a quick learning curve.

Anybody can build BoTs with flexible, versatile and easy feature-set from iStudio


Automate simple tasks for yourself or for your team with easy drag and drop features.


Build advanced automations run by attended or unattended BoTs, using advanced features.


Build test cases for automation, and test automation for web, desktop, and mobile apps super-advanced features.

iStudio has all the ease, versatility, flexibility, and robust features for anyone to create their own BoTs

Robust Debugging

Ensure quality code through extensive debugging tools and logging.

Reusable Automation Components

Create automation components once and reuse them across different workflows and amongst teams for automation development at scae and speed, and for easier process change management.

Pre-Built Automations

Grab pre-built automation components from Perpetuuiti iBoT Store to help you build automations faster and easier.

Automate any UI

Combine selectors, computer vision technology, and image identification to automate any desktop or web application you work with.

Rich Component Libraries

A rich collection of pre-built, drag-and-drop templates, and readymade RPA and AI components.

Perfect Documentations and Tutorials

Our products come complete with documentation, tutorials, and demos, as well as complete training programs to help you skill up.

Simple Recording of Any Application

Record any process on any application desktop or web-based, Citrix, legacy systems, Java, SAP, and more and across multiple applications without the need for time-consuming and costly integrations.

Extensive Library of Advanced Commands

Build the flow of your automation with a drag-and-drop visual interface. iStudio offers over 100s of commands allowing you to create loops and conditions, run programs, execute script and database queries, send and receive emails and much more.

Robust Collaboration Tools

Manage revisions and enhance teamwork utilizing innovative features such as version history, automatic backups, change auditing, and user permissions. Also enjoy the ease of third-party component integrations.

What is there for business users in iStudio?

  • Powerful User Interface Automation enables you to automate almost any application
  • Native integration with Microsoft Office, Gmail, and File Manager for easy task automation
  • Intuitive error handling so you can Skip, Retry, or Stop if your BoT gets stuck (hey, it happens)
  • Ready-to-run templates, to get you started faster
  • No-code, drag-and-drop construction makes it simple show you best practices for automating common actions
  • Scenarios so you can Skip, Retry, or Stop if your BoT gets stuck hey, it happens

What is there for RPA Developers in iStudio?

  • Workflow recorders, wizards, selectors, and iOCR Powerful User Interface Automation
  • Activities libraries with pre-built templates, RPA components, and AI components
  • Command Palette supporting search across libraries, activities, projects, and open workflows
  • Robust debugging tools
  • Custom Code integration directly into automation
  • Reuse resources to speed up automation with Component Repository

What is there for Experts and
Specialized Developers in iStudio?

  • Includes testing tools and cutting-edge RPA features and coding services for building advance automations
  • Easily test applications as well as automations with application and RPA testing
  • Run testing with different data variations with data-driven test cases

Governance for the enterprises made simple with iStudio

iStudio offers organization level governance. Adjust the level of control to best suit your company setup and your type of users. Allow your employees the freedom to automate in a controlled environment. Rules can be adjusted to different levels for more experienced iStudio users compared to the business users.

Experience Perpetuuiti iStudio the way you like

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