Unfold the benefits of intelligent automation for healthcare operations

Stay audit ready with iBoTs to keep compliance-based records up to date with 100% accuracy.

iRPA can streamline online patient scheduling and appointment setting processes, along with the robust referral management mechanism.

Intelligent automation enables real-time data monitoring for accurate diagnosis, with better-tailored treatment strategies.

iBoTs can securely extract data and safely communicate between any system, following complex privacy rules and process triggers.

iRPA relieves healthcare workers of repetitive digital tasks to engage in more productive, higher-value work, and focus on patient care.

Automate healthcare processes with 100% accuracy, and reduce critical errors and costs.

Realize immediate RoI by deploying intelligent automation in less than 3 months.

iBoTs can enhance quality of patient care by automatically monitoring quality protocols against scores like AHRQ, HEDIS, and HCAHPS.


What challenges are making healthcare majors struggle?

The healthcare giants are facing overwhelming demand, so to manage the huge amount of associated data effectively is troublesome. sAnother big pain point is inventory management. An inefficient, non-real-time inventory tracking system results in almost 20-30% of the hospital’s supplies to go unused.

There are some of the major obstacles the industry faces:
Poor data integrity and lack of effective management systems
Lacking coordination between the advanced tools
Existing silos with poor
Absence of transparent, single-point access to patient data
Inefficient inventory tracking system leading to higher costs
Data privacy and security

Learn how intelligent automation enhances process accuracy at scale and speed for a leading healthcare company

Healthcare Major achieves 100% digitization of their invoicing process with 97% accuracy

We helped India’s leading Hospital and Medical Research Institute enhance process efficiency by eliminating a number unnecessary steps and achieving Straight through Processing (STP) of Invoices. Accuracy of all the raised invoices jumped to 97% while drastically lowering down the manpower expenses by 70%.

iBoTs from the Perpetuuiti iAutomation Platform digitized the entire invoicing process for the client while achieving 100% exception management. The time taken to process a single Invoice right from time of the request to the time it is raised to the customer came down drastically. Knowledge as of now is not dependent on any single resource, but on a transparent organizational platform with ready access to all stakeholders.


Why Perpetuuiti’s intelligent automation is the go-to solution for healthcare majors

Better Expense Management

Our iBoT’s expense is typically one-fifth the cost of a full-time healthcare staff member.

Enhanced Productivity

With Perpetuuiti’s intelligent scheduling and multi-tenancy, healthcare providers can leverage a cost-effective workforce and significantly bring down the operational expenses.

Superior Data Confidentiality

Patient information accessed during automation of data transfers or claims processing is always confidential.

Enhanced Process Efficiency

Our iBoTs can handle chats, fetch, understand and extract relevant information from documents, and even perceive sentiment. Patients receive faster responses to their inquiries, at lower cost.

Human-like Automation

Our iBoTs non-intrusively run automation through human-like interactions with the user interface using intelligent computer vision.

Non-Intrusive Automation

Perpetuuiti allows automation of existing healthcare systems and applications (both native and web) to be modeled without affecting the underlying code.

Our customers in the healthcare industry are driving measurable business outcomes with Perpetuuiti’s intelligent automation solution

8x Faster Appointment Scheduling

Seamless management of overall as well as last-minute appointment scheduling.

Improved Healthcare Workflows’ Management

Immaculate and timely management of all the healthcare workflows eradiating errors.

10x Efficient Accounts Settlement

Invoice and claim settlements tickets are quickly resolved with automated systems and iBoTs.

Enhanced Patent Experience

Our healthcare clients are automating the entire process of prescribing discharge instructions.

100% Compliance Management

Automated recording of all the audit procedures for reference purposes.

80% Time-Saving in Report-Creation

Automated creation of patient reports saving time and human errors.

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